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Adventurers and Friends please take a moment to read

Hello Fellow Adventures and Friends of The Mouse’s Diary.
Today Mr. Mouse during his Adventures Mr. Mouse has come across a very puzzling question I now share with you the Question…. is it written or is it read?

I wonder what this most curious question means?
Can you solve this rather intense question troubling Mr. Mouse?

For this answer this question and many other fun activities can be found shared with you throughout the heart warming adventures of The Mouse’s Diary series

Currently Mr. Mouse has been very busy fundraising to get the next few books published just for you.
If you would like to help Mr. Mouse would really appreciate your assistance just from buying a copy of his latest book which he worked so hard to insure this high quality A4 size page full colour edition, which would normally cost around $15 more than the bargain price of http://www.xlibris.com.au/bookstore/bookdisplay.aspx?bookid=502557 so if you have not already had the pleasure to experience The Mouse’s Diary series written just for you yet ask yourself what are you waiting for?
On a personal note from the Author recently I come to learn about another Gentleman who has published other books with the same name as my own. I wish to make it very clear the ONLY books I have had published is The Mouse’s Diary series to this date. I share NO connection with the other Ken Donaldson who is some 20 years or more older than I am. I am sharing this with you because I was told bookstores are not willing to place on their shelves The Mouse’s Diary series having taken the judgement that I am the same Ken Donaldson who wrote the other books many years ago.
I am sorry if anyone has confused myself with the other Ken Donaldson and understand how easy this type of mistake could be made. But I do also Declare I am not the other Ken Donaldson who wrote the Books based on social disorder issues or the science lessons.