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Dear Friends and fellow adventurers Mr. Mouse’s writing journey

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurer’s of The Mouse’s Dairy

Today as your Author I would like to share with you a Journey. This Journey is no ordinary Journey oh no not by a long shot it is the Journey of how Mr. Mouse came to life.

This tale is taken from a time when I was deeply involved in several other forms of writing poems, short stories of a different kind. I was also assisting a friend whom also loves to write but to date has not yet published her story which I believe will be loved by many of you as well.

So where to begin?
I think the beginning is as good a place as any.
I take you back now the night was the 18th of September 2012 I remember it well. I was talking online through Yahoo messenger with a friend. The hour tis was late given the times zone between here and my friend in Canada. But aside we were talking about books more so a project she has been working on for some time now. When the worst happened she could not think of what she wanted to use as her next part in the realm of mystical events within what has been shaping up to be a real entertaining tale.

That is where I came in….. first I asked her about the setting she was trying to paint into words. Then we spoke about several other ideas none of which she found interesting. After that I offered the thought of new Characters two of which happened to be a mouse and a raccoon again none of these were acceptable. Which is where we left that conversation to talk more general till I said good night; and made sleep zone ending another wonderful day.

The next morning I woke with a head full of ideas based around the Mouse and the Raccoon it was here on the 19th September 2012 I did put text upon my word document to write the very first adventure of Mr. Mouse a name my friend later gave me.

Now it was not as simple as that for yes I had the idea and yes I had the story burning with great desire to be written down. And while I did draft Mr. Mouse’s first adventure that day. I then had to read what I wrote.
This became the next stage in Mr. Mouse’s journey to you. While I was reading I soon found myself applying many of my skill as an author fashioning the craft of the writing profession. Shaping the mould into a style of story known as Storytelling. This long forgotten method rarely used and snob by critics world wide due to it’s special grammar rules, bought out a challenge in me something I was not even sure if all my skills I have been gifted with could meet.
For me this meant I had to consider these following points
1. Theme
2. Expression
3. Content
4. Visual presentation
5. And lastly if Mr. Mouse’s adventures would be suitable for all ages to read
Having finally thought these through, I then proceed with the reading of the draft copy. During this time I was now able to start the next step. Styling Mr. Mouse’s Diary into an entertaining adventure. But before I being I need to back up a little as I had shown Mr. Mouse’s tale to my friend just to see if she liked the story or not needless to say she said I should get Mr. Mouse published for everyone to read. Had it not been for my friend’s instance Mr. Mouse would have sat on the shelf along with my other stories. I am sure there is many happy children now who are grateful my dear friend is instant.

Next after having styled Mr. Mouse’s diary I began looking around for someone to publish his adventure so children could someday be able to read or listen to their loving parents read to them the wonderful adventures these two critters embarked upon.

What I found was traditional well known publishers were only interested in publishing stories from authors who had work for them for many years. Not to worry it was then put to me to try self publishing this was a new term to me and I did some research which soon had me in touch with the wonder people at Xlibris. From start to finish of each new story Xlibris and I have shared a wonderful time building up from the first seen diary to the printed book. Which involved many steps along the way. I do thank Xlibris’s wonderful team whom work with me hand in hand. Now once the book had been completed the next step was pricing which again Xlibris set as cheap as they could for you while covering all the cost of printing to taxes. I note here the Traditional publishing house’s would have charged almost double the price you are now able to buy Mr. Mouse’s series.

Lastly we come to the sharing the news with you Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers. Firstly there was several articles posted in the mainstream media which has been meet with a wonderful response. Next I was told I should share the news of Mr. Mouse online and soon I found my self on facebook with Mr. Mouse’s own page where all the latest events happen get shared first hand.

So far thanks to the love and wonderful support of Mr. Mouse’s dear Friends and Fellow adventures we now currently have these four exciting Diaries published
1. The Mouse’s Diary
2. The Underworld and Beyond
3. Water of Woes
4. Words of Paper
And that is not where it all ends for soon Volume 5 called Test Of Friendship is just a few short weeks away now.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and the adventure I have taken to bring to you Mr. Mouse
God Bless you for taking the time to read and support Mr. Mouse

Ps. If you have never seen where you can get Mr. Mouse’s Diary from here is a link with my complements
Ken Donaldson Author of The Mouse’s Diary and Honors recipient of Covington Who’s Who 2013. The leading Industry ranking Registrar for the best of the best in Professional Standards


Mouse’s Journey volume 4

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Dairy series

Today Mr. Mouse has a special here below Just a little sneak peek into one of the up and coming volumes of The Mouse’s Journey series Enjoy

In the final stages of the sphere’s journey towards the surface below, followed closely by a whizzing noise singing so loud, it could be heard echoing across the dawn’s sky above the landscape beneath the sphere. Lasting but mere macron’s coming to an end as the sphere plummeted deeply, a huge splosh sound whaled out.

Which volume does this one appear in?……. well Mr. Mouse say he is sorry but does not want to give away the surprise that awaits you in what promises to be a real treat.

Did you love that part in volume 3 Water of Woes when the Mouse got slimed?


Thank you

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary series

Oh what an exciting day the Mouse and the Raccoon are having

When …… At this moment the Mouse and The Raccoon started
Saying, “Thank you. Oh, thank you.”

I wonder what the Mouse and the Raccoon had to be so thankful for?

You can find out right now in Volume 1 called The Mouse’s Diary with a quick and easy online order at a price to suit your budget in any of these three book styles. Hard cover, soft cover or Ebook right now just click this link

Meet the Mouse 

Mr. Mouse say’s Thank you for giving your children his adventures which only get more exciting with each new Book released. Mr. Mouse is working hard, doing his best to keep his books at the cheapest possible cost for you. But still needs your support to keep the cost down. Thank you and please do not forget the competition for your chance to have a free copy of Volume 4 Words of Paper …. by far the most riveting adventure yet to be printed.

A Reader’s Review of The Mouse’s Diary As told by Author Ann Marie Meyers

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Raccoons and Mice

By Ann Marie Meyers Author of Up in the Air


It’s not often that you meet a storyteller who can captivate you with words and weave you into his tale, in the Storyteller fashion of the 1800s.


I was fortunate enough to meet such a person. Welcome Ken Donaldson, author of The Mouse’s Diary, the first in a series of similar books to come. Listen as Ken invites us to journey with him into the world he has created.



I would like to share with you the adventures of two loveable characters, a mouse and a raccoon. 
Come with me now, back to a time where life is peaceful and the high tech games children played were created from their inventive imagination. I am transporting you back to the early 1800’s, where you will embark upon a fantasy journey of adventure, filled with values and lessons for children so that they can learn about life experiences from our kindly old mouse, sitting by the village campfire at day’s end.





The Mouse’s Diary welcomes young readers to a magical world where magic and tales of adventure come to life right before their very eyes. They will see for themselves the excitement and wonders of how their two adventurers, a mouse and a raccoon, face danger and enjoy great rewards in a different time where the world is filled with magic beyond dreaming.


The story opens with a kindly old mouse. He sits down beside a campfire, puts on his glasses and opens up a well-worn leather covered diary. The children gather round to listen to the mouse’s adventures saved from days when he was young just like them. He shares the story of a mouse and a raccoon who are held captive by a very mean King. One day, Robin the Red Sparrow comes into their life and opens their minds to great adventures.




AMM:  Where did the idea for the series come from?


KEN: The idea came to me during a conversation one night with a friend in Canada. My friend likes to write but is afraid of the publishing aspect of writing. Plus, she had standard writer’s block. I was bouncing ideas at her and happened to mention the mouse and the raccoon. She did not like any of my ideas but the next morning, 19th September 2012, I woke up with the entire story of the first volume inside my head. I wrote a draft on the computer and shared it via email with my friend that same night. She loved it and asked when the next one was going to be written.


AMM: I love when inspiration hits us ‘over the head’. Here’s a tongue in cheek question. Why a raccoon? And why a mouse?


KEN:  As I mentioned, the idea came to me one day. The raccoon and the mouse seemed like two excellent creatures, and given the difference between them they show more acceptance of each other no matter which culture you come from.


AMM:  So given all that, do you find yourself looking at raccoons and mice differently now?


KEN:  No. I had not considered looking into cultural differences outside considering the likeness of these two critters in appearance



AMM: How many books do you envision writing in this series?


KEN:  in the primary series, I envision 11 books in total. Maybe there will be others later, but for now 11 is the magic number.


AMM:  11 is indeed a magical number. I’ll keep an eye out for the sequels.  Do you prefer to write in a quiet place, or in a café surrounded by music and the talking and laughter of people


KEN: I like to write first thing in the morning before doing any emails or other net activities. after I have showered had breakfast and cleaned up the general mess of the house.


AMM: Finally, Ken, what are some fun facts about you?


KEN:  I guess you could say I enjoy writing. I enjoy family-sharing events. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy a lovely garden. Music is more easy listening and I love to watch movies, especially ones that make me feel good and inspire my imagination. I like to be creative.


Donaldson started writing poems in his early 20s. He entered a poetry contest once and his poem “Today is just a day” became published. This inspired him with a newfound passion in life and he discovered the pleasure of sharing his gift of writing to all his readers. He believes that people should find the dream that makes them happy and follow it with their whole heart. He is of simple and humble beginnings as a child where everything in life was and still is the biggest adventure he has to share with his readers.



You can find out more about Ken on https://www.themousesdiary.com/index.html