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Dear Friends and fellow adventurers Mr. Mouse’s writing journey

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurer’s of The Mouse’s Dairy

Today as your Author I would like to share with you a Journey. This Journey is no ordinary Journey oh no not by a long shot it is the Journey of how Mr. Mouse came to life.

This tale is taken from a time when I was deeply involved in several other forms of writing poems, short stories of a different kind. I was also assisting a friend whom also loves to write but to date has not yet published her story which I believe will be loved by many of you as well.

So where to begin?
I think the beginning is as good a place as any.
I take you back now the night was the 18th of September 2012 I remember it well. I was talking online through Yahoo messenger with a friend. The hour tis was late given the times zone between here and my friend in Canada. But aside we were talking about books more so a project she has been working on for some time now. When the worst happened she could not think of what she wanted to use as her next part in the realm of mystical events within what has been shaping up to be a real entertaining tale.

That is where I came in….. first I asked her about the setting she was trying to paint into words. Then we spoke about several other ideas none of which she found interesting. After that I offered the thought of new Characters two of which happened to be a mouse and a raccoon again none of these were acceptable. Which is where we left that conversation to talk more general till I said good night; and made sleep zone ending another wonderful day.

The next morning I woke with a head full of ideas based around the Mouse and the Raccoon it was here on the 19th September 2012 I did put text upon my word document to write the very first adventure of Mr. Mouse a name my friend later gave me.

Now it was not as simple as that for yes I had the idea and yes I had the story burning with great desire to be written down. And while I did draft Mr. Mouse’s first adventure that day. I then had to read what I wrote.
This became the next stage in Mr. Mouse’s journey to you. While I was reading I soon found myself applying many of my skill as an author fashioning the craft of the writing profession. Shaping the mould into a style of story known as Storytelling. This long forgotten method rarely used and snob by critics world wide due to it’s special grammar rules, bought out a challenge in me something I was not even sure if all my skills I have been gifted with could meet.
For me this meant I had to consider these following points
1. Theme
2. Expression
3. Content
4. Visual presentation
5. And lastly if Mr. Mouse’s adventures would be suitable for all ages to read
Having finally thought these through, I then proceed with the reading of the draft copy. During this time I was now able to start the next step. Styling Mr. Mouse’s Diary into an entertaining adventure. But before I being I need to back up a little as I had shown Mr. Mouse’s tale to my friend just to see if she liked the story or not needless to say she said I should get Mr. Mouse published for everyone to read. Had it not been for my friend’s instance Mr. Mouse would have sat on the shelf along with my other stories. I am sure there is many happy children now who are grateful my dear friend is instant.

Next after having styled Mr. Mouse’s diary I began looking around for someone to publish his adventure so children could someday be able to read or listen to their loving parents read to them the wonderful adventures these two critters embarked upon.

What I found was traditional well known publishers were only interested in publishing stories from authors who had work for them for many years. Not to worry it was then put to me to try self publishing this was a new term to me and I did some research which soon had me in touch with the wonder people at Xlibris. From start to finish of each new story Xlibris and I have shared a wonderful time building up from the first seen diary to the printed book. Which involved many steps along the way. I do thank Xlibris’s wonderful team whom work with me hand in hand. Now once the book had been completed the next step was pricing which again Xlibris set as cheap as they could for you while covering all the cost of printing to taxes. I note here the Traditional publishing house’s would have charged almost double the price you are now able to buy Mr. Mouse’s series.

Lastly we come to the sharing the news with you Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers. Firstly there was several articles posted in the mainstream media which has been meet with a wonderful response. Next I was told I should share the news of Mr. Mouse online and soon I found my self on facebook with Mr. Mouse’s own page where all the latest events happen get shared first hand.

So far thanks to the love and wonderful support of Mr. Mouse’s dear Friends and Fellow adventures we now currently have these four exciting Diaries published
1. The Mouse’s Diary
2. The Underworld and Beyond
3. Water of Woes
4. Words of Paper
And that is not where it all ends for soon Volume 5 called Test Of Friendship is just a few short weeks away now.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and the adventure I have taken to bring to you Mr. Mouse
God Bless you for taking the time to read and support Mr. Mouse

Ps. If you have never seen where you can get Mr. Mouse’s Diary from here is a link with my complements
Ken Donaldson Author of The Mouse’s Diary and Honors recipient of Covington Who’s Who 2013. The leading Industry ranking Registrar for the best of the best in Professional Standards



The Mouse’s Diary-Storytelling

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary series.
One of our Fellow Adventurers recently spoke to me about what is storytelling?
While we had a great discussion about storytelling and what I understand about the art of storytelling. I felt it would nice to share with you also, what it means to read and use the art of storytelling. You may remember we once spoke about Grammar Vs. Grammar in this post

Following on from the Grammar today we can dig a little deeper into the cultural background of the English society and how before reading and writing became part of our normal way of life today.

To compare the storyteller would be seen in modern times as the one man theatre or travelling show. Giving a live performance either daily or weekly, using little more than his voice and hands to paint the story’s tail ( tell ) before a crowd gathered in the market place. You may have done something like this as a child on a campout where everyone was given the chance to tell a ghost story around the bon-fire.

The storyteller is someone we normally think of from back in the 18th century. It was the job of a storyteller to pass from one town to the next. During this time, the Storyteller would often stay in a town for up to four weeks regaling, different life morals and values through one of several storytelling methods whose art was commonly practiced back in the 18th century. Unlike that of modern English which is very hard to apply the storytelling craftsmanship upon.

It is important to note during the time period of the 18th Century, many of the common people never knew how to read and write. As this was still a privilege reserved for servants of the Christian church or wealthy families who could afford the church’s high price of Education in order to learn such simple joys we in today’s times take for granted.

You can now see, the objective behind storytelling was purely designed to entertain families. While teaching valuable life experiences to help nurture awareness of dangers and build community spirit of unity.

On a personal note below.

It is this same type of joy I, Ken Donaldson as the Author of The Mouse’s Diary series, have been working hard to present in the first part of the book series. However, to make it easier for you the parent to be the Storyteller reading to your children. I have kept the more modern spelling of words, while using the older style English grammar ( as I wrote about in the Grammar Vs. Grammar blog ) in the early volumes considering young children love to see stories acted out instead of just read. While making it more modern English styles in the last few volumes of the first six books catering for children who are now starting to read more fluently for themself.

Even though the last five volumes are not ready for publishing just yet they are more light hearted adventure easy to read the intermediate to advance reader, using full modern English style for ages from 8 years old- to Retirement age. Lastly these five volumes are written with one special feature whereas I used staging lengths to help young ones feel more at ease as they get use to reading from short books to books that get longer and longer.
It is my heartfelt pleasure to invite you to experience the joy and adventure of The Mouse’s Diary series, currently only on-sale from all good online bookstores. Allowing you to marvel for yourself as the stories seem to come to life, lifting right of the very page within your mind’s eye. Letting you also live the adventure of a humble Mouse and a Raccoon with your children too.

With my heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to you Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers.
Author of The Mouse’s Diary series and
Exclusive Lifetime Honored Member of Covington Who’s Who.
Ken Donaldson

Now I need to Know…..

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary
Good news everyone!!!!!
A message Mr. Mouse received today from the publisher he wants to share with you.
We are already one step away from getting your book published. Please be advised that prior to completing the process of getting your book published, the galleys that you approved will go through the final round of content evaluation. As a publisher we are required to do our Due Diligence to help ensure all of our books pass the industry standard for copyright infringement and for content acceptability.
Volume 4 Words of Paper is almost ready to print and go on sale.
Want to be in the first to get a copy of Words of Paper in your street and claim boasting rights?
Give the publisher a call now and pre-order on 1-888-795-4274
Mr. Mouse also sends out a warm invitation to new members wanting to be part of this exciting Adventure to get in while stocks are still available on the first three excellently presented story filled with beautiful full colour illustrations done on A4 pages size books. You can order them while placing your pre-order for volume 4 Words of Paper on 1-888-795-4274 or direct online via the Xlibris Bookstore or even pick the Amazon rewards on offer with your Amazon purchases.
Mr. Mouse wants to say he loves the wonderful complements many of you, Mr. Mouse’s Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers, Both young and parents too. Have sent in and is touched to hear you say his stories are
1. Easy to read.
2. Beautifully bright coloured Illustrations.
3. Value for money.
4. And most important make you feel like you are traveling with Mr. Mouse side by side across the many exciting and sometimes dangerous worlds sharing in the treasures only a great Adventure has to give.
Question for a little fun: how do you spell colour where you live?

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Dairy series

Today Mr. Mouse has a special here below Just a little sneak peek into one of the up and coming volumes of The Mouse’s Diary series Enjoy

In the final stages of the sphere’s journey towards the surface below, followed closely by a whizzing noise singing so loud, it could be heard echoing across the dawn’s sky above the landscape beneath the sphere. Lasting but mere macron’s coming to an end as the sphere plummeted deeply, a huge splosh sound whaled out.

Which volume does this one appear in?……. well Mr. Mouse say he is sorry but does not want to give away the surprise that awaits you in what promises to be a real treat.

Did you love that part in volume 3 Water of Woes when the Mouse got slimed?



Thank you

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary series

Oh what an exciting day the Mouse and the Raccoon are having

When …… At this moment the Mouse and The Raccoon started
Saying, “Thank you. Oh, thank you.”

I wonder what the Mouse and the Raccoon had to be so thankful for?

You can find out right now in Volume 1 called The Mouse’s Diary with a quick and easy online order at a price to suit your budget in any of these three book styles. Hard cover, soft cover or Ebook right now just click this link


Mr. Mouse say’s Thank you for giving your children his adventures which only get more exciting with each new Book released. Mr. Mouse is working hard, doing his best to keep his books at the cheapest possible cost for you. But still needs your support to keep the cost down. Thank you and please do not forget the competition for your chance to have a free copy of Volume 4 Words of Paper …. by far the most riveting adventure yet to be printed.

The Good and The Bad competitions is now on

16th July 2013
The wait is over The Good and The Bad is now here.
Dear friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary Series
Mr. Mouse invites you get creative, have some fun and to share your review of The Mouse’s Diary series.

Today the 16th July 2013 starts the first day of The Good and The Bad event and ends on the 16th August 2013. Now you get to be the critic.
There is no wrong or right reviews just your own personal thoughts to share about The Mouse’s Dairy series, Both the softcover or ebook formats are accepted as the source of your review.
For a sample of a poorly written review see what one professional critic wrote in the photo copy review post below certain elements of that review are not truthful and would make the review unworthy for consideration as a prize winner in this event. But Mr. Mouse does appreciate their effort, better luck next time Blueink.
So come along and have some fun for a chance to receive a free copy of Volume 4 words of paper in either softcover or ebook, matching the same book format of your receipt.

There will be 10 winners in total
The Winners will be:
5 winners…. consisting of the best Good reviews written
5 winners…. consisting of the best Bad reviews written

To Enter
Just write a review Good or Bad upon any one of the 3 volumes currently released.
1. The Mouse’s Dairy Volume 1
2. The Underworld and Beyond Volume 2
3. Water of Woes Volume 3
What your review must contain
1. Your thoughts upon how well two lessons were given within any of the books plus which pages covered the lesson you are speaking about.
2. The type of format upon which our book copy is presented either softcover or ebook. And what you thought of how the Book looks in that format.
3. What you thought of the story and which volume you are talking about eg in a good review you should say something like… I liked how in volume 3… or in a bad review you should say something like…. I hated this about volume 2.
4. Your Review is creative and original both Good and Bad reviews will be judged on how truthful the review has been written.

Conditions of Entry
Valid Winning Entries:
1. Must be able to produce a copy of their sales receipt as proof of purchase.
2. Must display page or pages showing the lesson was written within the Volume the entrant has reviewed.
3. Must be submitted before Time of entry has expired on Friday 16th August 2013 before 5pm EST.
4. All entries must appear in the comments list below this event at http://themousesdairy.com/#/blog/4571463514/The-Good-And-The-Bad-Competition/6160959 website
5. Winning Entrants once announced must contact the promoter by email to mousesdiaryevents@outlook.com between the 30th August 2013 and before 5pm on the 5th September 2013 to start the claim process. No claims made after 5pm Eastern Standard Time on the 5th September 2013 will be recognized.

This Event is open to all people except direct family members of the Author and Employees of the publishing house Xlibris. The winning entries will be posted on the 30th August 2013. All entries must be posted in the comments list below no later than Friday 16th August 2013 before 5pm EST. All Judgement is final as upon having met the entry conditions. At no stage will any person be contacted through email requesting for bank account details, password or any other personal details. Name of the winners will be posted along side winning entries on the 30th August 2013 and winners will need to email mousesdiaryevents@outlook.com for delivery arrangements, Note: there may be a short wait due to postal services. If you receive an email and have not appeared as a prize winner please delete the email as it did not come from the organizer of this event or if you are uncertain please email the event promoter for verification. The Author and Publisher Xlibris accept no liability and or responsibility implied or otherwise due to personal neglect of an entrant to comply with either the above conditions of entry or the disclaimer. By entering this promotion you as the entrant agree to accept all the terms and conditions as presented in the Disclaimer and Conditions of Entry shown above.
Blueink Review

The Good and The Bad

Oh WOW the Raccoon has gotten out. Someone catch him quick before he reveals what the Good and The Bad is all about

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary Series.

Where is The Raccoon?……….. Maybe you can tell Mr. Mouse where the Raccoon is in Volume 3 Water of Woes. And please make sure you got a copy either ebook of softcover and your receipt