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Adventures and Friends of

Hello Fellow Adventures and Friends of The Mouse’s Diary.
Mr. Mouse certainly was a very intrepid Adventurer as a youngest. Today he sends warm greetings to all his Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurer’s of his Book series The Mouse’s Diary.
With the special look inside some of moments he has chosen to share with you Especially from his latest Volume number 4 Words of paper.
I do hope you have been so enjoying the story I have been given the great privilege to record for you and your family which has started with the humble beginnings of early storytelling craftsmanship to now the more modern storytelling ways as used by most Authors.
Mr Mouse is pleased to announce the extra low cost he has been able to get for you on this high quality full page full colour edition which would normally cost around $15 more than the bargain price of
Mr. Mouse and I also love hearing your wonderful review you have taken the time to share Thank you everyone for making The Mouse’s Diary series such a huge success.
Ken Donaldson
Professional Author
It is also my great pleasure to announce my inclusion in the Honors list of Covington Who’s Who 2013.

words of Paper Volume 4 page 7

words of paper volume 4 page 14

words of Paper Volume 4


The Mischievous Elf

The Mischievous Elf.

Dear Friends and fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary


Today I am humbled to be able to share with you this most Prestige’s award I was presented by Covington Who’s Who.


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After having recently gotten my third book in the series now published and the fourth one is but mere days away I would love to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you for making Mr. Mouse’s adventure part of your life too. While we still have many more adventures to share in his exciting journey’s as the publisher works hard to finish each book especially for you.


or direct from my online bookstore at Xlibris




July 7, 2013

Time for a little Fun

Dear friends and Fellow Adventures of The Mouse’s Diary

In this picture something mysterious seems to have happened

I wonder what it could be…… Now it is your turn to have a guess at what so mysterious. Or can you tell us what has happened?

let the fun begin 

Guess what

Words Of Paper


Dear Friends and Fellow Adventures of The Mouse’s Diary.

Mr. Mouse wanted me to send his, kindness regards to you all. Today’s exciting news covers more about the current progress of his up and coming book volume 4 Titled, Words of Paper.

While you are all enjoying the earlier Adventures which just gotten more and more exciting from the first book The Mouse’s Dairy to the third Book Water of Woes. Mr. Mouse has been overseeing the production stages closely with the latest Volume number 4 Words Of Paper now currently getting colour added to the Illustrations. Which promises to be well worth the wait. If you thought the Underworld in Volume 2 was special then you are going to love how Mr. Mouse gets out of trouble in Volume 4 Words Of Paper.  Here is a little sneak at what you will find inside come now and listen it….. A sudden sound of thunder snapped the Mouse out of his daydream. He began to shiver as the light of the day grew dark with the storm approaching. Quickly the Mouse jumped……

Oh no what happened next well I could tell you but that would spoil the surprises which awaits you in this soon to be released latest Adventure of the Mouse’s Diary series Volume 4 Words Of Paper. I hear some of our Fellow Adventurers have been ringing the phone of the wall down at Xlibris go on give them a call if you like and place your order today. call 1-800-618-969 and tell them Mr. Mouse said Hello.

Trailer of the Book The Mouse’s Diary

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A sneak peek inside the world of The Mouse’s Diary come along and be amazed