Bio: Raised from birth in the surroundings of humble beginnings by the love of a mother and dad through wedlock as the eldest of four children. Continuing a passage in life which is my own. During my life so far achieving many wonderful miles stones throughout my years spent in schooling to graduate into the wondrous world of adulthood. It is here in this plighted place where adult concept shaped the boy of me into a man gifted with many talents. Save one the gift a passion always held which grew stronger within me as years pass to decades; honing my talent as an Author to be skilled in Storytelling presenting the written word in a truly unique style of my own. To leave behind from the volumes of books I have written over the years including poetry too, a legacy out of my timely written collections. Though, at this stage my life's continuing journey where the opened door walked me down a new passage unexpectedly. Brings me joy in living each day working in the only career which has truly made me happy writing to entertain readers everywhere. Thus, my biggest dream in life becoming the storyteller I am now; has become my goal where my pleasure to write see's me taking my time carefully reviewing, editing and crafting the best of the stories I have written to provide this final lasting legacy once my journeys passage steps to end. Author Ken Donaldson

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