Update on book site

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurer’s of

The Mouse’s Dairy and Mouse’s Journey series.

Rumour has it there may be a fourth and final volume of The Mouse’s Journey series under-writing.

This rumour may well be true. However, Mr. Mouse is saying the cheese in which he needs to craft the story for you is running very thin and is now allowing you his followers a chance to voice to take a stand.

Mr. Mouse say we all need our cheese and it is up to you to show your support in buying a copy of the series and oh please do write a review on each novel as Mr. Mouse loves to hear how much you enjoyed his books which he has produced in First; The Mouse’s Dairy series for children to share reading pleasures with mum, dad, grandparents and just for themselves.


Whilst the second series The Mouse’s Journey is for all readers over the age of 10 years to escape the world of realities mindless ideals into a world where delights of your own mind lift you up or take you to places even demons fear to tread.


With tales of Storytelling magic not seen for centuries crafted to suit you at the cheapest price to cover cost of printing you may want to ask yourself why you have waited so long to buy your own collection of these beautifully presented books which were once sold through Xlibris publishing house for a price of $50 usd. So how much are you really saving visit his official home page and click on the links to see the massive saving your Author acquired for especially you.



prices this good will never get any lower as I hear the printer’s cost will soon increase book prices. Do not delay this time is your chance right now grab it fast to avoid a lifetime of regret later.


That is about as straight forward and honest as you will ever hear spoken.


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