The Mischievous Elf Right or Wrong

Oh look Daddy the Storyteller has come back into town can we stay and hear one of his stories pleaseeee? Well alright yes we can take some time to enjoy a story too. Come gather round one and all for here is a new tale, one not already told. Our story begins like this
The Mischievous Elf
Right or Wrong
There is a place where no Human goes. Where only the dreams of children, can imagine a world that exist filled with small creatures we otherwise call Elves.
The Mischievous Elf
Right or Wrong
Bright and early one summer’s morning Toby rushed out the door, while his mum was still making breakfast. Down the street Toby ran heading towards his best friend’s house Doblar. Doblar was a lot like Toby given he was smart and mischievous in many ways. But Doblar was also very wicked too and would often get others into big trouble.

On this day Toby and Doblar had made plans to go down to see the circus. Where they were going to meet some of the other’s they knew from school. Who had been spending the summer holidays at home this year also. As Toby got close to Doblar’s house he could see Doblar standing outside the front gate. Hurry up Doblar called out after seeing Toby. Wait up Toby called back. Doblar just laughed as he stood there resting against the fence tossing stones at the old widow’s house across the street from his house. Where you been? asked Doblar I been here an hour or more. But Toby just took a deep breath and breathed out. Come on they will be waiting for us at the circus Doblar said standing back up off the fence hurling one last stone at the widow’s house.

Run called out Doblar upon seeing the widow’s front door starting to open. And off they ran down to the market place.Hey what is that said Doblar stopping to take a look at a table filled with cakes and other goodies. Bet you can not take one of those without getting caught said Doblar giving Toby a dare. Can too replied Toby.
Go on then I dare you said Doblar.
But Toby said you first in return.
Ok watch said Doblar. And over to the table Doblar walked till he got close enough. Where he waited till the cookie keeper had turned his back. Then Doblar ran up snatching one of the apple and cream filled puffed tarts straight of the open table. Before walking back up to Toby saying I got one, now your turn.

A lump rose in Toby’s throat knowing it was his turn or be called chicken. No problem said Toby lifting his pants up around his waist. Slowly Toby walked over to the table filled with all those yummy treats. Watching the Cookie keeper closely waiting for his moment, when the cookie keeper would turn his back, and then there it was. Toby waisted no time running up to the table and snatched one of the big apple custard filled pastry rolls. Just as the cookie keeper turn back around to see him with his hands full. Stop yelled out the cookie keeper, as Toby started to run away with the apple custard pastry roll. But Toby did not stop until he had made it back round the corner, where Doblar was waiting. Ha, ha you got caught said Doblar making fun of Toby. Come on we better get out of here before someone see’s us Doblar then said.

So off they ran towards the circus passing behind the cookie keeper’s hut, where the root-beer was stored. Which Doblar also happened to grab two bottles as he ran close enough to grab. Here got root-beer for you said Doblar handing Toby one of the root-beers, once they slowed down after having reached a safe distance away from the cookie keepers hut. How about sharing some of that with me Doblar said. At once Toby broke the roll in half and handed Doblar one half of the roll.

Boom, boom, boom came the sounds of the drum. Come on call Doblar starting to run we are here. Running round the back of the book keeper’s hut. Toby and Doblar turned the corner to see two of the other three Elves they were going to spend the day with. Where is Twoson? asked Doblar. Ah he could not make it replied one of the other boys.
Oh well his lost commented Doblar.
How we going to get in? Asked Toby remembering he had no money.
Just leave that up to Doblar said Westler taking a bow and waving his arms to the right giving the after you gesture to Doblar.
Watch and see Doblar said to Toby, stepping forward to take the leed.

One by one they followed Doblar around to the side of the Circus Tent. Where Doblar knelt down stuck his head under the bottom of the tent and looked out the other side. Doblar quickly crawled under the tent. Lifting it up for Westler to follow and then came Twoson, and last but not least was Toby.

Once they were all inside Twoson and Doblar headed straight for the sideshow alley with Toby and Westler following behind. The side show alley certainly was a wondrous sight to see. There were games of all types to play and prizes to win. Not to mention rides as well as, lots and lots of food tables owned by the local hut keeper’s from the market place. Toby and Westler came to a stop to stare at the busy rush of Elves walking around all the difference places to visit when they entered.

While Doblar and Twoson started to make their way among the crowd. What happen to Doblar and Twoson? asked Toby realizing they had gone.
I see them said Westler they are over there. So Toby and Westler started to make their way through the crowd to where Doblar and Twoson were.

Toby and Westler not knowing Twoson had stopped one of the rich lady Elves, so Doblar could put his hand inside her bag and grab her money. Came walking up, just as Doblar and Twoson started to run with the sound of the lady elf calling out thief, thief drawing the attention of the guard Elf standing by the waffle table waiting for his lunch to be made.

The Guard Elf came running over grabbing Toby and Westler, who were standing there watching Doblar and Twoson running away. And just what do you two think you are doing? Asked the Guard Elf, grabbing Toby and Westler by the arm. Westler quickly ran off after kicking the guard Elf in the leg. Who release Westler as the guard elf raised his leg grabbing Toby with both hands. But poor Toby was not so lucky, for the guard elf tightened his grip on Toby, marching him away with the lady Elf following right behind.

The guard elf took Toby to the Circus office. Where he placed Toby inside a small holding cell located at the back corner of the room.
Now said the Guard Elf what is your name then?.
TTToby replied Toby in a trembling voice.
And who are your parents? asked the Guard Elf.
Mrs. Mc Eam Toby answered and off stormed the guard elf to the lily caller, lip, lip, rang the lily caller lip, lip. Hello answered Mrs. Mc Eam.
Mrs. Mc Eam this is guard elf badge number 54 calling, I have your son locked up in the circus holding cell would you please come down to the Circus office…..
Oh no cried out Mrs. Mc Eam dropping the lily caller
What is the matter girl asked her dad who just happen to be visiting at that time.
Toby has been locked up by the guard elf in the circus holding cell. Standing up quickly her dad pushed the chair back with his legs knocking it over and headed for the door saying wait here I will handle this!, as he grabbed his staff heading out the front door.

Looks like poor Toby is in for it now with his granddad on the way. And into the circus office Toby’s granddad did burst pushing the door swiftly open, slamming it hard against the wall. Alright who are you asked the Guard Elf stepping up to face Toby’s Granddad. That is my grandson said Toby’s granddad.
Oh you mean the thief replied the Guard Elf.
Thief said Toby’s Grandad.
Yes, that is right, caught him red handed, I did answered the Guard Elf.
It was not me cried out Toby.
Then who was it?, asked the Guard Elf turning to look at Toby.
It was Doblar replied Toby seeing how angry his granddad looked and knowing what that staff he carried could do; was enough reason for Toby to tell the truth. The guard elf knowing Doblar, and how many times, Doblar had been arrested before. Then released Toby into his granddad’s company ordering his granddad to take Toby home.

And so you see Children because Toby had been spending time with the bad people he got into a lot of trouble which could have been a lot worst if he had not remembered to tell the truth. And it was only the Truth that saved Toby that day I can tell you.
©Ken Donaldson 13 August 2013

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