The Mouse’s Diary-Storytelling

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary series.
One of our Fellow Adventurers recently spoke to me about what is storytelling?
While we had a great discussion about storytelling and what I understand about the art of storytelling. I felt it would nice to share with you also, what it means to read and use the art of storytelling. You may remember we once spoke about Grammar Vs. Grammar in this post

Following on from the Grammar today we can dig a little deeper into the cultural background of the English society and how before reading and writing became part of our normal way of life today.

To compare the storyteller would be seen in modern times as the one man theatre or travelling show. Giving a live performance either daily or weekly, using little more than his voice and hands to paint the story’s tail ( tell ) before a crowd gathered in the market place. You may have done something like this as a child on a campout where everyone was given the chance to tell a ghost story around the bon-fire.

The storyteller is someone we normally think of from back in the 18th century. It was the job of a storyteller to pass from one town to the next. During this time, the Storyteller would often stay in a town for up to four weeks regaling, different life morals and values through one of several storytelling methods whose art was commonly practiced back in the 18th century. Unlike that of modern English which is very hard to apply the storytelling craftsmanship upon.

It is important to note during the time period of the 18th Century, many of the common people never knew how to read and write. As this was still a privilege reserved for servants of the Christian church or wealthy families who could afford the church’s high price of Education in order to learn such simple joys we in today’s times take for granted.

You can now see, the objective behind storytelling was purely designed to entertain families. While teaching valuable life experiences to help nurture awareness of dangers and build community spirit of unity.

On a personal note below.

It is this same type of joy I, Ken Donaldson as the Author of The Mouse’s Diary series, have been working hard to present in the first part of the book series. However, to make it easier for you the parent to be the Storyteller reading to your children. I have kept the more modern spelling of words, while using the older style English grammar ( as I wrote about in the Grammar Vs. Grammar blog ) in the early volumes considering young children love to see stories acted out instead of just read. While making it more modern English styles in the last few volumes of the first six books catering for children who are now starting to read more fluently for themself.

Even though the last five volumes are not ready for publishing just yet they are more light hearted adventure easy to read the intermediate to advance reader, using full modern English style for ages from 8 years old- to Retirement age. Lastly these five volumes are written with one special feature whereas I used staging lengths to help young ones feel more at ease as they get use to reading from short books to books that get longer and longer.
It is my heartfelt pleasure to invite you to experience the joy and adventure of The Mouse’s Diary series, currently only on-sale from all good online bookstores. Allowing you to marvel for yourself as the stories seem to come to life, lifting right of the very page within your mind’s eye. Letting you also live the adventure of a humble Mouse and a Raccoon with your children too.

With my heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to you Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers.
Author of The Mouse’s Diary series and
Exclusive Lifetime Honored Member of Covington Who’s Who.
Ken Donaldson


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