Now I need to Know…..

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary
Good news everyone!!!!!
A message Mr. Mouse received today from the publisher he wants to share with you.
We are already one step away from getting your book published. Please be advised that prior to completing the process of getting your book published, the galleys that you approved will go through the final round of content evaluation. As a publisher we are required to do our Due Diligence to help ensure all of our books pass the industry standard for copyright infringement and for content acceptability.
Volume 4 Words of Paper is almost ready to print and go on sale.
Want to be in the first to get a copy of Words of Paper in your street and claim boasting rights?
Give the publisher a call now and pre-order on 1-888-795-4274
Mr. Mouse also sends out a warm invitation to new members wanting to be part of this exciting Adventure to get in while stocks are still available on the first three excellently presented story filled with beautiful full colour illustrations done on A4 pages size books. You can order them while placing your pre-order for volume 4 Words of Paper on 1-888-795-4274 or direct online via the Xlibris Bookstore or even pick the Amazon rewards on offer with your Amazon purchases.
Mr. Mouse wants to say he loves the wonderful complements many of you, Mr. Mouse’s Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers, Both young and parents too. Have sent in and is touched to hear you say his stories are
1. Easy to read.
2. Beautifully bright coloured Illustrations.
3. Value for money.
4. And most important make you feel like you are traveling with Mr. Mouse side by side across the many exciting and sometimes dangerous worlds sharing in the treasures only a great Adventure has to give.
Question for a little fun: how do you spell colour where you live?


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