The Good and The Bad competitions is now on

16th July 2013
The wait is over The Good and The Bad is now here.
Dear friends and Fellow Adventurers of The Mouse’s Diary Series
Mr. Mouse invites you get creative, have some fun and to share your review of The Mouse’s Diary series.

Today the 16th July 2013 starts the first day of The Good and The Bad event and ends on the 16th August 2013. Now you get to be the critic.
There is no wrong or right reviews just your own personal thoughts to share about The Mouse’s Dairy series, Both the softcover or ebook formats are accepted as the source of your review.
For a sample of a poorly written review see what one professional critic wrote in the photo copy review post below certain elements of that review are not truthful and would make the review unworthy for consideration as a prize winner in this event. But Mr. Mouse does appreciate their effort, better luck next time Blueink.
So come along and have some fun for a chance to receive a free copy of Volume 4 words of paper in either softcover or ebook, matching the same book format of your receipt.

There will be 10 winners in total
The Winners will be:
5 winners…. consisting of the best Good reviews written
5 winners…. consisting of the best Bad reviews written

To Enter
Just write a review Good or Bad upon any one of the 3 volumes currently released.
1. The Mouse’s Dairy Volume 1
2. The Underworld and Beyond Volume 2
3. Water of Woes Volume 3
What your review must contain
1. Your thoughts upon how well two lessons were given within any of the books plus which pages covered the lesson you are speaking about.
2. The type of format upon which our book copy is presented either softcover or ebook. And what you thought of how the Book looks in that format.
3. What you thought of the story and which volume you are talking about eg in a good review you should say something like… I liked how in volume 3… or in a bad review you should say something like…. I hated this about volume 2.
4. Your Review is creative and original both Good and Bad reviews will be judged on how truthful the review has been written.

Conditions of Entry
Valid Winning Entries:
1. Must be able to produce a copy of their sales receipt as proof of purchase.
2. Must display page or pages showing the lesson was written within the Volume the entrant has reviewed.
3. Must be submitted before Time of entry has expired on Friday 16th August 2013 before 5pm EST.
4. All entries must appear in the comments list below this event at website
5. Winning Entrants once announced must contact the promoter by email to between the 30th August 2013 and before 5pm on the 5th September 2013 to start the claim process. No claims made after 5pm Eastern Standard Time on the 5th September 2013 will be recognized.

This Event is open to all people except direct family members of the Author and Employees of the publishing house Xlibris. The winning entries will be posted on the 30th August 2013. All entries must be posted in the comments list below no later than Friday 16th August 2013 before 5pm EST. All Judgement is final as upon having met the entry conditions. At no stage will any person be contacted through email requesting for bank account details, password or any other personal details. Name of the winners will be posted along side winning entries on the 30th August 2013 and winners will need to email for delivery arrangements, Note: there may be a short wait due to postal services. If you receive an email and have not appeared as a prize winner please delete the email as it did not come from the organizer of this event or if you are uncertain please email the event promoter for verification. The Author and Publisher Xlibris accept no liability and or responsibility implied or otherwise due to personal neglect of an entrant to comply with either the above conditions of entry or the disclaimer. By entering this promotion you as the entrant agree to accept all the terms and conditions as presented in the Disclaimer and Conditions of Entry shown above.
Blueink Review


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