Words Of Paper


Dear Friends and Fellow Adventures of The Mouse’s Diary.

Mr. Mouse wanted me to send his, kindness regards to you all. Today’s exciting news covers more about the current progress of his up and coming book volume 4 Titled, Words of Paper.

While you are all enjoying the earlier Adventures which just gotten more and more exciting from the first book The Mouse’s Dairy to the third Book Water of Woes. Mr. Mouse has been overseeing the production stages closely with the latest Volume number 4 Words Of Paper now currently getting colour added to the Illustrations. Which promises to be well worth the wait. If you thought the Underworld in Volume 2 was special then you are going to love how Mr. Mouse gets out of trouble in Volume 4 Words Of Paper.  Here is a little sneak at what you will find inside come now and listen it….. A sudden sound of thunder snapped the Mouse out of his daydream. He began to shiver as the light of the day grew dark with the storm approaching. Quickly the Mouse jumped……

Oh no what happened next well I could tell you but that would spoil the surprises which awaits you in this soon to be released latest Adventure of the Mouse’s Diary series Volume 4 Words Of Paper. I hear some of our Fellow Adventurers have been ringing the phone of the wall down at Xlibris go on give them a call if you like and place your order today. call 1-800-618-969 and tell them Mr. Mouse said Hello.


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