The Mischievous Elf

Oh look Daddy the Storyteller has come back into town can we stay and hear one of his stories pleasesss?  Well alright yes we can take some time to enjoy a story too.  Come gather round one and all for here is a new tale one not already told. Our story begins like this  

The Mischievous Elf

There is a place where no human goes. A place filled with small creatures we otherwise call Elves. You never see them not by day, for it is only at night when they come out to play. They come to you in dreams. At time’ mischievous they can be those playful little elves, who want to lead you astray. Can you see them?

Can you hear them?

Look around they are right here beside you now, what are they doing?

It matters not for in the land of elves. Wait just a moment, who is that I see. Yes! Yes, it could well be the only elf who can not do anything right no matter how hard he always tries.


While playing among the outskirt’s of the elvan lands down near the river which ran across a lane beside a huge farm filled with vegetable plants of very kind, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and bean just to name a few which grew inside the farmer’s land. It so happened this day the young elf had gotten a little more adventurous then he should upon seeing the water running down into a bubbling brook. I wonder what that human is doing he thought to himself as he watched the water swirling into a big pond. So quietly he darted across the lane way to the other side running from one tomato vine to the next trying to stay out of sight just to get a closer look at what the farmer is doing. What is he up to?, wondered the young elf getting closer and closer.Woof, woof, woof bellowed out the sounds of a creature he had never heard. Now looking around to see what was making all this noise oh no he cried as he looked up and stared into those big black eyes woof, woof again bellowed out the loud barking sounds right above him with odours stink of the creature’s smelly breath.


 As the creature snapped down to grab the elf he felt a huge tug pulling him back sending him down upon the ground. It was now he could see as he looked up his granddad giving the creature a smack on the nose which scared the creature away. Boy get up said his granddad, now off home with you and I will have words to your mother when I get there said his granddad rather sternly.


So off the young elf ran as fast as he could not looking back all the way home. Where he pretended like nothing had happen not saying a word to his mum about what he had done. Where have you been? his mother asked Just playing with some friends, is it lunchtime yet? Asked the young elf rubbing his tummy making out he was very hungry. Lunch will be ready soon replied his mum now stay in the yard and I will call you when it is ready.


As his mum turned away to walk inside she noticed her dad making a quick stride toward the house. Oh dear I wonder why your granddad looks angry coming up the road today she commented to the young elf. But all the young elf could do was think where should I hide. As his grandad marched up the path to the house and spoke. Do you know what your son did today? He asked with an angry tone of voice. This took his mum by surprise and she said yes he was playing with some of the other boys till he came home for lunch. This made his grandad even madder as he spoke loudly at his mum NO! That is a lie. I happened to catch him in the farm at the end of the lane about to be eaten by the human’s beast where I saved his skin one more time. Afterwards his granddad calmed down and said I think we should all go inside. Upon entering the house the young elf’s mum turned to him. Just look at the mess you got yourself in she cries.


Now upset with the young elf for lying to her his mum ask, did I not tell you to stay away from the farms crops down by the end of the lane?… OH mum cried the elf in vain I only wanted to see what the humans do, really I meant no harm. No harm she screamed out at the young elf. It is lucky for you, young lad, your granddad was near or you may have been taken by that creature, or even worse those humans would have locked you up in a cage and sent you far away. Never to be seen or heard from again.


Do you know what happens to an elf who gets locked in a cage?. Yes mum you told me they turn old and gray and quickly fade away into dust. So why do you not listen to me when I tell you something? She asked. But mum… the young elf went on to say… no but mum me shouted his mum rather hastily. Now off to your room and think about what you have done she demanded or else.  So off to his room head hung low went the young elf mumbling under his breath you do not love me. You know I love you my son she replied.


But why would he feel this way?. For you see children his mother’s only brother was caught by a creature not human but something else unknown to the elves and yes his uncle did turn old and grey and faded away to dust just like his mum had said. And that is where we leave this story so listen always, children to your mum and dad for one day you will be glad you had.

©Ken Donaldson a storytelling sample for you to share. 22 June 2013.



4 thoughts on “The Mischievous Elf

  1. YSDAUz

    315995 66467Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So great to search out any person with some distinctive thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this web site is one thing thats wanted on the net, somebody with a bit originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet! 596

    1. themousesdiary Post author


      Sorry for the late thank you to your heart warming review. I am still learning how some of the features here work and sadly I found your review in the spam folder instead of where I would have normally looked. I will endeavour to share more post like this as I get time and support for The Mouse’s Diary grows allowing me more free time to give extra stories like this one to the wider public, plus the Friends and Fellow Adventures whom supported helping me along the way. Peace be with you
      Ken Donaldson

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